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Why Should I Visit
a Cosmetic Dentist?

If you are suffering from general problems related to your teeth and gums, you can visit your general dentist. The work of a general dentist usually involves educating the patients about proper hygiene that is required to be followed to maintain dental health. On the other hand, a cosmetic dentist is a dental specialist whose work involves improving the appearance of your face by correcting the irregularities of your teeth. His work may not necessarily involve improving the functionality of the teeth. So, if you are suffering from some dental problem that is not allowing you smile freely, you should approach a cosmetic dentist.

When you see a celebrity smile, you also feel like having the same snow white teeth. You can achieve such a smile by visiting a well-qualified cosmetic dentist. Such a treatment is ideal for people having stained teeth and teeth fractures. People who suffer from such problems can suffer from inferiority complex which may stop them from smiling freely. When you visit a cosmetic dentist, you can restore the beauty of your teeth and smile confidently.

Some of the treatments for which you can approach a cosmetic dentist instead of traditional dentist include:

1. Tooth Whitening - Tobaccos smoking and drinking beverages like tea, coffee and aerated drinks can make your teeth appear yellow. Tooth whitening which is also known as tooth bleaching is the most common treatment for which people approach a cosmetic dentist. It involves removing stains from stained teeth and making the teeth appear as white as snow.

2. Tooth Reshaping - For reshaping your teeth so that all the teeth appear proportionate, a cosmetic dentist from may cut certain parts of the enamel. If some of your teeth are crooked or quite large, this procedure can surely help in improving the appearance of your teeth.

3. Tooth Bonding - A cosmetic dentist will apply a composite material on top of your chipped tooth or fractured tooth and then polish your tooth in order to match with the other teeth. This procedure can be used to fill the gaps between your teeth.

4. Dental Bridges - Installation of dental bridges can help in replacing missing teeth. They are also known as false teeth or pontics. If the patient carefully follows the advice of a cosmetic dentist, bridges can last over ten years.

5. Gum lifting - It is the procedure that needs to be done when regular teeth whitening techniques are unable to remove the stains from your teeth. It involves restructuring the tissue and bones of your gums in order to achieve perfectly aligned teeth.