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Bridget flower

The Alternative Medicine Herbalist

"Herbs can enhance your process of . . .
Personal Empowerment & Spiritual Awareness"

About Me . . . My goal is to support you in conscious evolution by helping you connect as a multi-sensory being with the natural world within and around you, to be able to shine in radiant health on a daily basis. There are 5 areas that I take into consideration while helping you to build your health from a holistic living approach. I look at body, environment, emotional, mental and spiritual influences on your well-being. These 5 areas are the foundation for empowered living. My highest commitment through my work is to help people realize that healing is not only possible, it is our divine birthright. Our bodies, minds and spirits yearn to be in balance.

Professional . . . I provide a private professional consultation to help support and nourish. My emphasis is on understanding your unique situation and bringing together the resources to allow you to make an informed decision about your health. I am driven to bring every bit of my knowledge, perspective and experience to providing the absolute highest level of service.

Goals . . . The goal of my work is to empower you through education so that you have the skills needed to be well and live well in a toxic world. My work is based on whole herbs. I encourage natural and organic foods, the use of non-toxic products, a simple-safe-and sane life-style, the use of healing arts such as meditation, message, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, music, hands-on-healing and other energy work, color, sound and exercise like yoga, tai chi or walking.

The Five Foundations of Herbs are as follows:

Committed . . . I am dedicated to helping people find their truth and their path wholeness. I do no claim anything more than what my training, experience and research have taught me. I am not a laboratory scientist, but rather a professional who is seeing the answers by asking the questions.

Educational Background . . . I graduated from perhaps the best herbal school in the nation. This school provided me with quality educational experiences in the field of western herbalism, blending art with science. The programs provided me with many opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning. The professional training program was focused towards embracing herbalism as a career, and also gaining the spiritual aspects of herbalism.

As a graduate it is my duty to uphold the quality of clinical and earth-centered herbal knowledge by using vitalistic strategies that create a paradigm of effortless flow in accordance with the wisdom of nature. My mission is also to protect and preserve the plants we love through conservative efforts and to achieve restorative environmental stability. I hold the vision of working with the plants as a transformational journey. I invoke the wisdom of our ancestors and carry forward the awareness, knowledge and power of the sacred path. The plants offer themselves as a gateway for self-healing to manifest in each individual.

My mission is to create an opportunity for my clients to walk this path and acquire the knowledge necessary to hold the lineage of plant medicine. I acquired these tools from a full spectrum and balanced education in the art and sciences of therapeutic herbalism. As the center point of my work is to raise the professional level of clinical herbalism, as a self-empowered caretaker with a vital force to step into the world and create a healthier planet. In all my endeavors, I acknowledge the concept -- what we do now affects the next seven generations. My business creed is to support a healthy and prosperous lifestyle for my clients and to provide them with long-term health naturally.

It will be my pleasure to introduce you to the riches waiting for you - within the thriving herbal offerings of the earth - so you can enjoy a fabulous life and the natural splendor of the world's bountiful healing plants.