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The Alternative Medicine Herbalist

"The magnificent variety of the clouds and the weather . . .
comes from the total simplicity of the sun & the moon ~Rumi"

Nutritional consultations

I will guide you to building your own good health

Methods used:


In correlation with your responses to the health questionnaire and conversations with the herbalist, you are provided with a written comprehensive evaluation of your psycho physiological conditions. Assessment of constitutional aspects is offered for educational purposes and is not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis or treatment. All therapy modalities, including allopathic medicines, are discussed. You are alerted to specific herbs that may assist you. Also discussed are the use of other healing modalities such as color and light therapy, affirmations and prayer; written sources of information publicly available, to facilitate your own participation in your healing processes. When you desire to create or maintain your health, our intention is to facilitate your movement.

Evaluations include a phone or e-mail consultation that will convey the results of the analysis of the in-depth questionnaire that you initially complete, dialogue between you and the herbalist, intuitive counseling, and (in person) diagnostic methods to ascertain imbalances or deficiencies and determine your current levels of health. Herbs, vibrational oils, nutrition and/or life-style changes, detoxification, aroma therapy, homeopathy and bach flower remedies are some of the healing tools that are employed. Many find that massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture treatments are indicated.

The goal is a truly holistic assessment. Herbal vibrational medicines from the medical traditions of the West (Native American and European) and the East (primarily Tibetan and Chinese) are utilized in accord with what is appropriate on a case-by-case basis. Individuals are assisted regularly both in person and throughout the world by email, mail and telephone. Anytime you have a question, contact us and we will respond.

Chronic degenerative conditions such as cancer and AIDS, as well as arthritis, heart or other major organ conditions, migraines, pre-/post-natal care, gynecological-menopause, attention deficit, allergies, psycho-emotional imbalance, colon, stomach, or digestive ailments, diseases associated with the aging process, recovery after surgery, and so on are addressed. If you have questions, contact me. I can assist private clients with a broad spectrum of health concerns.