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Asbestos Victims Compensation Fund

Victims of Malignant Mesothelioma caused by
Asbestos Exposure Applaud New Victims Bill

WASHINGTON D.C. - United States Senate Bill S.852 is a bill targeted to solve the asbestos litigation crisis in the nation's court system and offer badly needed monetary and litigation help to seniors and other victims of asbestos exposure.

Senate-Bill S-852 represents a big move in the direction of finally solving the asbestos victim crisis, and assuring thousands of asbestos victims suffering from asbestos-related disease, including lung-cancer, and other forms of deadly Mesothelioma are compensated faster than costly time conuming litigation, at far less cost and fairly.

The asbestos legal crisis in the nations courts is a serious problem for all Americans, in particul senior Americans, who are more likely to have been exposed to asbestos when asbestos was more commonly used in manufacturing, insulation and fireproofing material and misc products made from asbestos.

Many thousands of asbestos related law-suits have created a wide litigation backlog in the US Court System, making it quite difficult and lengthy for victims to seek asbestos compensation. Numerous studies, including one by the American Bar Association, have shown many of these cases involve individuals without cancer or detectable asbestos connected health issues.

The Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution, or FAIR Act, introduced senate bill's main sponsor Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), would remove asbestos cases from the U.S. Courts. Ill victims would be compensated from a no-fault asbestos relief fund under the "fair act." Those with asbestos claims would no longer be subject to long delays and unreliability of the court system.

The asbestos victim crisis leaves many asbestos victims lost in an unjust court system. A number of mailgmant asbestos and lung disease victims, including many senior citizens, are dying from horrible asbestos-related diseases without ever getting their day in court or money compensation for their great suffering.

"The asbestos victims compensation fund at the center of the FAIR Act creates a reliable and fair compensation system for Mesothelioma victims nationwide.

The asbestos fund will be roughly $140 billion in monetary compensation that under S.852 would be paid for by businesses and insurance companies.

Both Democrats and Republicans are in full agreement the current court system has failed and needs to be replaced. The FAIR Act will be quite rewarding to asbestos victims. The "Asbestos Victims Compensation Fund" Fair-Act is a great opportunity to fairly compensate thousands of current and future Asbestos and Mesothelioma victims.