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All About Foot Pain

Foot pain or discomfort can be felt anywhere in the foot. You may have pain in the heel, toes, arch, instep, or bottom of foot.

Causes of Foot Pain

Foot pain may be due to:

Foot pain can be caused by the following:

Home Care for Foot Pain

The following steps may help relieve your foot pain:

Other home care steps depend on what is causing your foot pain.

When to Contact a Medical Professional for Foot Pain

Call your doctor or nurse if:

Your Office Visit and What to Expect

Your doctor will perform a physical exam and look closely at your feet, legs, and back, your posture, and how you walk.

Your doctor will ask questions about your symptoms and medical history.

X-rays or MRI may be done to help your doctor diagnose the cause of your foot pain.

Treatment depends on the exact cause of the foot pain. Treatment may include:

Foot Pain Prevention

The following steps can prevent foot problems and foot pain: