Benefits of Using an Abdominal Exercise Ball

Thousands of people all over the world are practicing abdominal exercises designed to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles.  With that, 1000s of people then are familiar with what an exercise ball is.  exercise ballThey have probably been using this equipment for months now, and that many of them have realized how effective the abdominal exercise ball is in helping them get a better shape.  Well, for those who aren’t so familiar with this fitness equipment, I have mentioned below some of the exercise ball basics, including its benefits.

The abdominal exercise ball, on the most basic, is a large exercise ball often made of plastic.  It is used for a number of workouts and that they are preferred primarily by those who are aiming to strengthen the core muscles of their abdomen, hence the name.  But other than this, there are still a lot of good things that an abdominal exercise ball is capable of giving.  Want to know what these benefits are?  Read on.

First and foremost, an effective abdominal exercise ball will help a person obtain balance.  This, however, can be obtained only when the ball is used along with other powerful fitness equipment like dumbbells and bands.  Those who are practicing the Pilates Method of exercising will also get the best results quickly.

Aside from balance, experts also say that one way to enhance core strength is by using an abdominal exercise ball every fitness session.  Well, this perhaps is based on the fact that even before performing certain ball exercises, the initial position you do on the ball itself will already stabilize your core muscles.  Once the stabilization happens, you can then start doing some workouts for your arms and legs, and other extremities.

The benefits of an abdominal exercise ball continue to include increased range of motion.  That’s what most experts say, and one great thing to note about this is that this increased motion will lead to an increase in muscle strength and flexibility.  As far as I know, the most beneficial of the movements you can do so far on an exercise ball is the so-called abdominal curl wherein you can position your spine back over the equipment.  This, according to several experts, is more effective than lying flat on the floor.

Breathing techniques can also be improved with the use of the abdominal exercise ball. In what way?  When doing even just the basic positions on the ball, the dynamic transitions you perform will soon lead to the development of more focused and deeper breathing techniques that you can employ in your everyday living.

Finally, using the exercise ball means less hassle.  It is so convenient that you can use it anywhere and anytime.  You can start doing some exercises at home, or even when traveling.  You can also take it outside your house or to your garden where you can enjoy not just the health benefits it can give, but also the beautiful fragrance of your flowers.  Well, to make this possible, one thing you need to ensure is enough space.

Exercises with an Abdominal Exercise Ball

With today’s fitness focus on the body’s abdominal area, a number of exercises geared to strengthen one’s abdomen area exist, mostly successfully working in conjunction with certain exercise equipment.

Most abdominal exercises aim for strengthening the rectus abdominus, popularly known as the “six pack” area, as well as the obliques. Exercises with an Abdominal Exercise Ball stand to be among the most popular, as an exercise ball is pretty much applicable to most exercise regimen geared for various part of the body, making it a general purpose exercise equipment.

Here are two of the most popular exercises with an abdominal exercise ball.

Abdominal Curl with Exercise Ball

Known as the “six pack exercise” this exercise type is aimed to tone the rectus abdominus, as well as the transverse abdominus and obliques, and is quite popular with abdominal exercise ball users.

Its first step is to position one’s self to lie on the exercise ball, making sure that one’s knees are at a 90 degree angle, with the rest of the body on a position parallel to the floor. From then on, the exerciser would have to slowly lift his/her shoulders upwards, without bending one’s hips.

After this, the exerciser would go back to the starting position, completing the exercise. It is a relatively easy exercise, which produces ideal results.

Exercise Ball Abdominal Roll-ups

Aiming the body’s rectus abdominus, obliques and the hip flexors, abdominal exercise ball roll-ups provide quite a workout experience, strengthening an exerciser’s general abdomen area.

The exercise type is successfully done by first positioning the exercise ball in front of a kneeling exerciser, who then, after positioning the ball in front, lies on top of the ball. The exercise’s second step comes with the exerciser reaching out, letting his/her hands touch the ground, rolling the ball towards his/her thighs. The exerciser then walks his/her hands until his/her shins touch the ball, making sure his abdominals are tightened as well as his/her shoulders are properly aligned with his/her hands.

From there, the exerciser pulls the ball forward using his/her legs, then bending his/her knees towards his/her chest, while the ball is rolled beneath the exerciser until the exerciser’s knees touch his/her chest.

After this, the exerciser rolls back into the starting position, then repeating the same steps, making a successful Exercise Ball Abdominal Roll-Up.

There are other exercises which utilize abdominal exercise balls. The Abdominal Curl with Exercise Ball and the Exercise Abdominal Ball Roll-ups are simply the most popularly known.