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A Proper Diet can Prevent Gout Attacks

Gout is a very painful joint inflammation that targets different joints of the body, primarily the joint of the big toe. It's characterized by high purine and uric acid levels in the body that are mostly acquired from foods ingested. There are certain foods you should avoid to prevent and treat gout, however there are also food remedies for gout to help you get better. To learn more about what foods cause gout, talk to your physician or a certified dietician. Poor nutrition due to unhealthy eating habits is one of the main causes of gout.

Below are some food remedies for gout you may want to try:

The food remedies for gout discussed above are proven to have positive effects on treating and preventing gout. Always remember that it is best to treat whatever illnesses using natural methods along with doctor-prescribed medications. To know more about food remedies for gout it is best that you consult your health care provider, a dietician or an expert on natural wellness.

The Best Diet For Gout

Gout is a form of metabolic arthritis where gout patients suffer much pain, caused by buildup of uric acid crystals, depositing in the joint, tendon and tissues surrounding these portions of the human anatomy. A gout condition is quite painful, and is known for the excruciating degrees of pain experienced by gout patients. Generally, seventy five percent of all gout attacks, or pain strikes, originate first from the toes, or the big toe of one’s foot, but aren’t solely limited to this area alone, as the joints are basically affected by gout. Areas of the body including the heel, the instep, the knees, the elbows, the arms, the wrists, the fingers and even the spinal areas, are known to be affected by gout.

Aside from pain which many gout patients suffer greatly from skin tenderness is another typical gout symptom, often associated with more excruciating pain for gout patients. In some extreme gout conditions, skin tenderness and sensitivity get too intense that even the covering of a soft blanket brings on pain for gout patients. Gout is a serious condition, which requires serious attention to treatment.

When discussing gout, one can’t avoid talking about food and diet, as there is a special diet for gout patients, which lessen the probability of gout attacks. The best diet for gout patients is one that contains low purine values. Examples of food and drinks high in purine would include chocolate, coffee, tea and other caffeine beverages, as well as beer. The best diet for gout is also one which details high consumption of vitamin C, as vitamin C is known to decrease levels of uric acid in the body.

In defining the best diet for gout patients, one can’t fail to mention cherries. Cherries are simply staple entries in all deemed as “best diet for gout” patients, as cherries are known to be quite beneficial if taken in on a regular basis by those with gout conditions. The thing worth mentioning about cherries being part of a good diet for gout, is the fact there's no scientific evidence that cherries have an impact on gout. There are testimonials from gout sufferers, who have positive benefits from including cherries in their diet.

Gout is a type of disease that is very prominent in people who overindulge in foods high in purine and uric acid. This disease is basically caused by poor nutrition and to combat it you need to follow a healthy diet.

Alcoholic beverages like beer also contribute to gout because they affect or slow down the elimination of uric acid in the body. Also, low-carbohydrate foods triggers gout attacks because they are usually rich in protein. To get rid of uric acid and purine, you need to drink plenty of water.

Basic Diet for Gout

Staying hydrated is a very important part of diet for gout. Excessive production of uric acid causes gout and to eliminate it you need to drink lots of water. Also, you should avoid alcohol because it contributes to gout.

Foods that contain high levels of purine and uric acid are the ones that you need to avoid because purines help raise uric acid levels that causes gout. The body naturally produces purine and some are acquired from the foods we eat.

To prevent gout you need to reduce animal protein consumption. Proper diet for gout means that you should abstain from too much meat as this will help you lessen the risks of gout attacks as well as other diseases.

Purine foods are typically foods that are high in protein like anchovies, sweetbreads, organ meats, sardines and red meats. Avoid alcohol and the following foods:

There are vegetables that contain purines like kidney beans, lentils, mushrooms, spinach and asparagus.

Remember to cut down on sugar, since it raises the level of purine in the body. It is important to reduce purine through dieting which can eliminate risk of gout.

Cherries are known to have good benefits in gout prevention as it was studied during the early 1950’s. Twelve gout patients were given a half pound of cherry juice each and they were observed after a few weeks. Both the doctors and patients were surprised because there were no more gout attacks after drinking cherry juice.

After the study, other berries like strawberries, blue berries and red berries were believed to be very helpful in preventing gout.

Below are foods that should be included in diet for gout:

Remember that proper nutrition plays a major role in gout prevention as well as relief if you're already suffering from it. To learn more about proper diet for gout it's best to consult your doctor or a qualified dietician.