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Health care information and disease diagnosis

Doctor Evidence website provides following information:

- Doctor Evidence offering you health care information and disease diagnosis, doctor's evidence regarding diseases, including medical information on Clinical Trials, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Coping/Support, Drinking/Alcohol, Genetics, Mental Health, Organ Donation/Transplantation, Misc General Sources of Information on Diseases and Conditions, Procedures and Therapies, Screening and Prevention, Smoking and Tobacco, Drug Abuse and Addictions, Doctor Evidence based on Medical Conditions and Health Symptoms.

Patient Tools

Doctors Evidence also compares hospitals and health providers plus doctor treatment options and beneficial web-based patient tools. There are other online web medical doctor resources for getting free health information which we suggest you visit. There are good online-medical resources regarding "doctors advice" about how to stop smoking and avoid your doctor finding "doctors evidence" that emphysema and serious lung disease are almost always smoking related medical conditions.

Health Article of the Month

The right blend of fats may improve the important cholesterol ratio when at least two-thirds of the fat intake in the diet comes from this product (Smart Balance), or our Food Plan. Total fat intake, however, must be limited to about 30% of calories consumed; saturated fat to under 10% from both animal and plant sources; dietary cholesterol to under 300-mg per day and Trans fatty acids reduced by avoiding foods containing partially hydrogenated oils. Regular exercise is essential. Let us help balance the fats in your diet with the SmartBalance® Food Plan for good and healthy eating.

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