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Aspirin Information

With all of the amazing medical advances and new medications available, it's reassuring to know that aspirin is still an effective, affordable and simple option for many people at risk of heart attack and stroke. Always check with your doctor before starting daily aspirin therapy.

Super aspirin refers drugs that are an alternative or supplement to aspirin. These medications are called platelet aggregation inhibitors and reduce the risk of blood clots. Though they have similar effects as aspirin, they work by a slightly different action. This class of drugs includes clopidogrel (Plavix), eptifibatide (Integrilin) and others. These medications may be used:

Super aspirin may be an option if you are resistant to aspirin, are allergic to aspirin or can't tolerate its side effects. The combination of aspirin and clopidogrel (Plavix) is recommended only for people who have specific heart or blood vessel conditions. If you are currently taking Plavix and aspirin but have not had a heart attack or stroke, don't stop taking it suddenly. Talk to your doctor first.

Enteric-coated aspirin is designed to pass through your stomach and not disintegrate until it reaches your intestines. It's gentler on the stomach and may be appropriate for some people who take a daily aspirin, especially in those with a history of gastritis or ulcers.

However, it takes longer for your body to absorb enteric-coated aspirin, and it doesn't appear to offer significant protection against bleeding in your stomach and intestines. If you have questions about the type of aspirin you should take, ask your doctor to determine the best aspirin for you.

Aspirin Brand names

  • Adprin B® Tri-Buffered Caplets®
  • Alka-Seltzer® Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid
  • Alka-Seltzer® Extra Strength Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid
  • Alka-Seltzer® Flavored Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid
  • Ascriptin®
  • Ascriptin® Enteric Adult Low Strength
  • Ascriptin® Enteric Regular Strength
  • Ascriptin® Maximum Extra Strength Caplets®
  • Ascriptin® Regular Strength
  • Aspergum®
  • Bayer ® Aspirin with Calcium Regimen Caplets®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Arthritis Pain Regimen Extra Strength Caplets®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Caplets®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Extra Strength Caplets®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Extra Strength Gelcaps®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Extra Strength Tablets
  • Bayer® Aspirin Gelcaps®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Plus Buffered Extra Strength Caplets®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Regimen Adult Low Strength
  • Bayer® Aspirin Regimen Children's Chewable
  • Bayer® Aspirin Regimen Regular Strength Caplets®
  • Bayer® Aspirin Tablets
  • Bufferin® Arthritis Strength Caplets®
  • Bufferin® Enteric Low Dose Caplets®
  • Bufferin® Extra Strength
  • Bufferin® Tablets
  • Darvon® Compound Pulvules®
  • Easprin®
  • Ecotrin®
  • Ecotrin® Adult Low Strength
  • Ecotrin® Maximum Strength
  • Endodan®
  • Excedrin® Extra-Strength Caplets®
  • Excedrin® Extra-Strength Geltabs
  • Excedrin® Extra-Strength Tablets
  • Excedrin® Migraine Caplets®
  • Excedrin® Migraine Geltabs
  • Excedrin® Migraine Tablets
  • Gelpirin®
  • Genacote®
  • Genacote® Maximum Strength
  • Goody's® Body Pain Powders
  • Goody's® Extra Strength Headache Powders
  • Goody's® Extra Strength Tablets
  • Halfprin®
  • Magnaprin® Arthritis Strength
  • Magnaprin® Improved
  • Norwich® Aspirin
  • Norwich® Aspirin Maximum Strength
  • PC-CAP®
  • Percodan®
  • Percodan®-Demi
  • Roxiprin®
  • St. Joseph® Aspirin Adult Chewable®
  • Supac®
  • Sureprin®
  • Talwin® Compound Caplets®
  • Vanquish® Caplets®
  • ZORprin®

Brand names of combination Asiprin products

  • Aggrenox® (containing Aspirin and Dipyridamole)
  • Alka-Seltzer® Plus Cold & Sinus Medicine Effervescent (containing Aspirin and Phenylpropanolamine Bitartrate)
  • Anacin® Caplets® (containing Aspirin and Caffeine)
  • Anacin® Maximum Strength (containing Aspirin and Caffeine)
  • Anacin® Tablets (containing Aspirin and Caffeine)
  • BC® Powder Arthritis Strength (containing Aspirin, Caffeine, and Salicylamide)
  • BC® Powder (containing Aspirin, Caffeine, and Salicylamide)
  • Butalbital Compound® (containing Aspirin, Butalbital, and Caffeine)
  • Cope® (containing Aspirin and Caffeine)
  • Damcontaining Aspirin and Hydrocodone Bitartrate)
  • Equagesic® (containing Aspirin and Meprobamate)
  • Fiorinal® (containing Aspirin, Butalbital, and Caffeine)
  • Fiorinal® with Codeine (containing Aspirin, Butalbital, Caffeine, and Codeine Phosphate)
  • Fiortal® (containing Aspirin, Butalbital, and Caffeine)
  • Fortabs® (containing Aspirin, Butalbital, and Caffeine)
  • Micrainin® (containing Aspirin and Meprobamate)
  • P-A-C® Analgesic (containing Aspirin and Caffeine)
  • Stanback® Powder (containing Aspirin, Caffeine, and Salicylamide)
  • Synalgos®-DC (containing Aspirin, Caffeine, and Dihydrocodeine Bitartrate)

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