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A Healthy Lifestyle is a Family Issue

The Whole Family Should Be Involved In having a Healthy Lifestyle

• Preparing, cooking and eating healthy at home
• Eating smart when eating out
• Being physically active
• Building self-esteem

Developing positive eating and activity habits is great for kids and
the whole family. Parents will feel healthier and more energetic.
Kids will grow to be healthy teens and young adults. Building a
healthy lifestyle is for your family, now and in the future.

It takes a strong and healthy family to raise a strong and healthy child.

Positive Parenting

A child’s self-image comes from their parent.

Children develop feelings of self worth when they feel valued by you. Spend time reading, singing, and playing with your child. Listen to your child. Be positive and always tell your child what she is doing well.

1. Compliment and encourage your child every day.
2. Smile a lot in your home.
3. Always have a listening ear and feeling heart with your child.
4. Tell them you love them as a person, although there may be a behavior you dislike.
5. Understand and try to meet your child’s need for attention in a positive way to reduce the need for negative attention.
6. Each child is as an individual.
Treat each child as being special and unique.
7. If your child fails at something, remind him of all his successes and that he will succeed again.

tips If a child lives with tolerance...
She learns to be patient

tips If a child lives with encouragement
He learns to be confident

tips If a child lives with praise
She learns to appreciate

tips If a child lives with fairness
He learns to be just

tips If a child lives with security
She learns to have faith

tips If a child lives with approval
She learns to like herself

tips If a child lives with friendship
He learns to find love in the world