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Get Moving and Be Active!

You can be active everywhere ... Inside, outside, recreational center, YMCA, home, playground, day-care.

Walk, dance, play catch, clean your room, help with the chores, rake the leaves, kick a ball, shoot hoops, skip, play hopscotch, jump rope, shovel snow, help out in the garden, hop from room to room, climb the stairs, get up to change the TV channel.

Go for at least 30-minutes of physical activity 5 days a week. The activities below are worth more should be done on a regular basis.
There is a link between TV viewing and being overweight so turn off the TV, the video games, the computer and move your body.

• Play outside
• Ride your bike
• Go for a walk
• Help around the house
• Swimming
• Running around
• Biking
• Jumping Rope
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Kick Ball
• Relay Races
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator
• Take your dog for a walk
• Pick up your toys
• Swinging
• Tumbling
• Sliding
• Watching TV
• Watching videos
• Playing computer games

Creative Activities

Juicy-Crunchy Bowling - Set up 6 empty frozen juice cans or cereal boxes at one end of a room. Stand at other end with ball and roll ball into cans/boxes. Count the number knocked down.

Scooper Catch - Cut the bottoms off two empty plastic gallon milk jugs. Tape up any sharp edges and use the “catchers” to play catch.

Freeze Dancing - Play music and dance. When the music stops everyone freezes. Start dancing again when music comes on.

Basketball Cleanup - Use a box as a basketball hoop. Have child pick up toys, books, games and drop in the box for points.

Marching Band - March around house with homemade instruments: dry beans in jar and shake, spoon banging on pots, rubber bands on containers.

Box cars - “Drive” boxes around while crawling on floor.

Box Buildings - Stack empty boxes and jump over or knock down. Keep building higher buildings.

Boxer Shoes - Cut holes in fronts of cereal boxes large enough for little feet to fit in.

Walk around the house in new “shoes.”

Children's Nutrition and Exercise, Healthy Lifestyles  

Childhood obesity and overweight continue to be one of the greatest public health threats in the United States.healthy foods Childhood weight and behavior are significant predictors of adult overweight and obesity. While programs that attempt to address weight issues continue to be developed, the problem continues to grow. Changing the behaviors that lead to overweight and obesity is known to be a complex and difficult undertaking. We are developing an instrument that targets two key precursors to energy balance behavior change: