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Top Hair Care Tips

You bought the most expensive shampoo in town, applied the latest treatment, and even went to the best hairstylist yet your hair still looks dry and dull. hair careYou’ve followed various advice from your friends, who have healthy shiny hair, but no desirable effects seem to happen into your lifeless hair. You look in the mirror and could only give yourself a sigh. And the last thing you do is ask your desperate sad looking self of what else to do.

Why don’t you start to get to know your hair more before trying other hair expert advice? Most common mistake women make in treating their hair is overlooking to figure out their hair types, which is supposedly one of the most essential keys in achieving a healthy long lustrous crowning glory.

Different hair types require different hair care and treatment. That’s why in some shampoo labels you can see indications if it is for normal, dry, or oily hair. Companies do this because shampoos have different formulations suited for different hair types. Strong formulation, for instance, might damage normal hair but might relieve a dry hair. Same applies to hair treatment.

Below are some of the most common hair types and the proper caring for each type. To help you determine which one your crowning glory belongs, get a tissue and lightly touch it on your scalp. Do this on the second day after you’ve washed your hair. You have normal hair, if the tissue would only reflect an oil blot. Dry if it shows nothing and oily if the strands stick to the tissue.

Dry Hair. Inactive oil glands in the scalp causes dry hair, which is the most common in men and women among other hair types. Excessive sun exposure and using strong chemical treatments and harsh shampoo are also culprits of a dull looking hair. One can actually skip expensive treatments in curing dry hair by just following a proper diet. Eating foods rich in zinc would help reactivate those oil glands, which give the natural shine to your hair. Massaging warm herbal oil every two weeks would also help your dry scalp, which is cause by severe shampooing and chemical treatments. Avoiding hair blowers, hair irons, and electric curlers would also help save your dry tresses.

Oily Hair. Over secretion of oil from scalp gives out an overly oily hair, which looks and feels greasy even after shampoo making your mane more attractive to dirt. Again, proper diet and hygiene would help relieve oily hair. Fruits, veggies, and other green leafy foods would help reduce excessive oil gland secretion. Avoiding oil rich foods is also advised. One must also wash their hair everyday using shampoos containing henna and neem then rinsing it with lemon would also help.

Normal Hair. Shiny, bouncy and healthy constitute a normal hair, which is the most ideal among other hair types. Avoiding strongly formulated shampoo and proper conditioning or moisturizing would help maintain the lustrous growth of the hair. A balanced and proper diet is also essential.

Now that you know the different hair types maybe it’s time for you think twice and make the right choice to a beautiful hair.

The Perfect Hair Cut

You sometimes wonder why even if you wear the trendiest hair cut of the season, you still don’t have the allure celebrities sport with that cut.perfect hair cut The woman sitting next to you who happens to wear the same hair cut, however, looks incredibly stunning. Then you go back scanning those hairstyle magazines again looking for the right celebrity hair cut that would suit you best. Lucky if you get the perfect one this time but chances are it could still be the wrong hair cut for you. Worst, if you chose a short hair cut looking awful with it, you still have to grow it for months before you can have the next cut. Unless of course you’d prefer to go bald!

Hair cuts are meant to highlight the best angle or feature of your face. Getting the perfect hair cut, therefore, is not a matter of trial and error of trying out trendy hair cuts sported by celebrities and top models. It’s just a matter of getting the right match of hair cut that would go with the shape of your face to get that perfect look.

Oval. Any hair cuts would suit a woman with an oval-shaped face. Long or short, straight or wavy cuts, she can definitely pull it off. Choppy bobs and hair layers near the chin, cheekbones, or lips would also look best. Just avoid blunt cuts and short layers on top of your head so your face won’t look unnecessarily long.

Oblong. Go for cuts that create an illusion of width such as chin-length bobs, curls, and waves. Bangs, which can be trendy if cut long or worn side-swept, can also create more width especially if you have straight hair. Avoid extreme long or short hair cuts that would further elongate the face.

Round. Hair cuts that allow your hair to fall below your chin or make the top of your head appear having a little volume are best for round-faced women. Wear a hair cut that would help your face look slimmer and less bulky such as getting soft graduated layers with tapered and wispy ends. Bangs can also be flattering. Just don’t go for one-length and blunt cuts, which overemphasize the roundness of your face.

Square. Playing down the angular strong jaw should be aimed in getting a haircut if you have a square-shaped face. Hair cuts that create texture such as choppy ends and curls would do brilliant effects for women with square-shaped faces. Avoid chin-length cuts, one-length bobs, and bluntly-cut bangs that make your face look more squarish.

Heart. Get a hair cut that would divert one’s attention away from that pointy chin such as highlighting the eyes or cheekbones instead. Side-swept bangs would do the works as well as a hair falling at or below the jawline. If you want to have a short hair cut, keep soft and long top layers, and go for wavy layers grazing the cheekbones if you want to sport a long hair cut. Avoid harsh choppy layers and bluntly-cut bangs.

So next time you browse those hairstyle magazines check if the celebrity or model has the same face shape as yours. A hair cut, after all, is meant for that pretty face.

The Beauty Of Hairstyle Software

Deciding on what hairstyle to have can be a very difficult task especially for women. They really have a hard time and even take a long time to decide what haircut to have to ensure that it would really make them look good. They flip all the beauty hairstyle magazines and even check photos or images of their favorite celebrity to see what the hottest hairstyle in town is. And even if a professional hairstylist already gave them the command that this hairstyle would best suit them, women still can’t help to worry if the recommended hairstyle would really make them look good and beautiful. To avoid such wasteful dilly-dallying, most hair salons now are investing on a new kind of technology that allows them to offer a pre-haircut or hairstyling service where meticulous customers can see the possible final output of having such particular hairstyle. And the technology is called the hairstyle software.

If you’ve heard of virtual hairstyle and hairstyle finder being offered in most high-end hair salons, the hairstyle software is the one responsible for such helpful service. It is the one being installed in the computer, where one can see a wide variety of hairstyles that can be virtually tried on them and give them an actual look on how they would appear if they try such hairstyle. This would not only help them decide faster in what hairstyle to have but also save them from regretting having a particular hairstyle.

Hairstyle software can vary from various types and functionality, which also determines its price. It is also widely available in technology stores that it is not limited to hair salons. Even you can install it in your own personal computer or laptop. A particular type of hairstyle software can offer you various selections of hairstyles that can be updated from time to time. There is also the one that allows you to take control of your hair by deliberately experimenting or creating the hairstyle by yourself, somewhat making you a virtual hairstylist. There are many other types of hairstyle software to choose from. And if you decide to get one, make sure to get the original and not the pirated one to avoid legal infractions.

The best of all, it is not hard to operate or navigate because most hairstyle software is user-friendly. Indeed, it is one must-have that all beauty conscious girls out there should have.

Hair Accessories - An Easy Way To Change Hairstyle

Flaunting a stylish hair doesn’t always need to happen in the beauty salon. Even in the comforts of your home one can easily have a new look. One may skip the scissors yet try on different looks in the mirror by simply donning some of those little cute hair accessories just hiding inside the drawers.

Hair accessories are not only chic but also one of the most practical and easiest ways to reinvent your hairstyle and over-all look. With the right mix and matching, hair accessories could also serve as perfect accents not only for your hair but for formal and casual outfits as well.

We are almost acquainted with the common hair accessories we can don our hair with. Most common of these are the headbands, ponytail holders, barrettes, and hair combs.

Headbands. One of the timeless hair accessory pieces, headbands are considered of the hottest trend in hair fashion especially during summer time when colorful scarf headbands in different width and patterns make waves on the heads of every woman under the sun who either have short or long hair. And why not? Headbands are not only perfect for holding hair away from the face, it also help absorb sweat. Even sporty gorgeous men like football star David Beckham wear it.

Ponytail Holders. One can sport a clean and elegant hairstyle even with less effort by just wearing your hair up and back in a low or middle ponytail, a hairstyle celebrities sport even in the red carpet with a little bling bling or just simple black ponytail holders.

Beaded Barrettes and Hair Combs. Glitzy beaded barrettes and jeweled classy hair combs come handy for women to become elegantly stylish with their short hair. Glamour and chic style could be achieved with just a little good fashion taste and creativity in selecting those hair accessory pieces.

Cheap or expensive, simple or sparkly embellished, the various kinds of hair accessories just like all other fashion items if not properly used can make or break your get up, worst, your hair. So it’s also worthy to keep in mind the type of hair you have before donning those lovely little pieces of hair accessories. You can be confident in putting on smaller accessories if you have finer, shorter, and thinner hair. But if you have longer and thicker hair, it is advised to choose firmer and sturdier accessories such those made of wood or more durable plastic.

Finally, don’t sweat too much and have fun working on those lovely tresses. Hair accessories, after all, are designed to make hairstyling easy.

Hair Coloring Tips

A lot of “disasters” in hair coloring is because of one’s lack of knowledge in the basics of “color laws” and the way they’re applied to hair colors. Most women just pick out a color they find interesting without knowing if whether or not it’s the most suitable hair color for them. The result is a horrific ruin of “mix n’ mismatch” colors that make a person look as if they’ve just come out of a carnival show.

To avoid this kind of embarrassing hair “situations”, it is important to know certain hair color tips before jumping in and painting the town red. Here are some helpful hair color tips to better understand what hair coloring is all about:

“Hair Color is Not Hair Paint”
The first rule of hair coloring is to know that colors are actually perceived by “light reflections”. There are several degrees of color lightness or color darkness, and hair colors are assigned levels of 1 to 10 (1 is black and 10 is lightest blonde). For short, black will reflect the smallest amount of light, while lightest blonde will reflect the biggest level of light. Thus a level 10 blonde will be two levels “lighter” than level 8 blonde, and the same goes with other colors.

“Types of Hair Color” - There are a number of hair color types and one should know what they’re getting into, so be familiar with them. Permanent Hair color is a “permanent change” and it will not wash off; it will typically fade in time, but it can’t be simply “removed” to get your original hair color back. Every permanent hair color done gives the hair an irreversible, chemically altered hair color pigments.

Semi-Permanent hair color can go darker or cover gray hair, but they can’t lighten. It lasts in different time length depending on the product used. Temporary hair colors are hair colors that usually wash off within the first shampooing. They’re advisable for those who don’t really want to change their natural hair color yet wants to try out a new look.

“What you want may not be for you” - Face reality, if you’re dark haired and you want to go blonde; then the best way is to have a professional stylist do it. It’ll save you both unwanted mistakes, plus you get to be advised if it’ll really suit you. There are a lot of “home kits” for lightening the hair in the market today, but it’ll be a big “hair risk” by doing it yourself.

These hair color tips are just some of the few things that can help you decide what’s right for you. Among the most important hair color tips is: if you want to get the best hair color, then consult a professional hairdresser first. It is always the safest way to get an excellent hair color without the big mistakes.